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Prioritizing Experiences Over Outcomes

By: Colton Frank, CEO and Co-Founder

It’s human nature to prioritize an outcome over the journey to reach said outcome. The truth, however, is that when you prioritize the experience, the results come naturally, and often surpass what would have been accomplished had the sole focus been on results.

This concept is central to everything we do at unPLUG. In building a digital experience for our customers, we build an experience around the guest to ensure that each feels like a VIP. Too often, restaurants obsess over metrics like average order value and items ordered/upsold. In doing so, they lose sight of what’s most important—building an emotional connection with customers.

A woman savors a meal at a restaurant

Emotional currency is what will help restaurants prosper in the long-term, as well as realize their desired outcomes like repeat business, positive reviews, and increased profits (to name a few). Repeat business, especially, is crucial to a restaurant’s success, and it’s much easier to retain existing customers than attract new ones. Happy customers also spend more money on food and beverages, and are more likely to try new menu items or order additional items, too.

Restaurant guests want to feel like more than just pawns whose worth is determined by profit. When a restaurant’s sole focus is on revenue, managers and employees tend to neglect the customer experience, leading to dissatisfied guests and a decline in repeat business.

Man rating his experience at a restaurant using an app on a cell phone

By embracing the experience, we can cultivate a greater sense of connection and fulfillment. Profits are essential to any business, of course, but prioritizing the experience can lead to long-term success and sustainability. While it’s important to have goals and objectives, restaurateurs shouldn’t lose sight of the customer’s journey. It is much easier to lose a customer’s loyalty than it is to earn it. If the digital experience provided isn’t intuitive, streamlined, and guided, you’re fighting an uphill battle before the customer’s even tried your food.

The digital experience we create for our partners communicates they want the best for their customers—which, in turn, drives emotional loyalty. Emotional loyalty is the differentiator when it comes to retaining customers in today’s marketplace. Millennials and Gen Z are loyal to brands that make them feel cared for and curated to. The decision-making process, in general, is an emotional one, and it’s important to keep this in mind to maximize customer loyalty.

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