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unPLUG makes it easy for restaurants to engage guests with the right message, at the right time, in the right channel.

Engage with purpose

Use data-driven insights to reach guests with offers and information that truly resonates, driving action and loyalty.

  • Personalize deals and offers based on guest history.
  • Send special event invitations to enhance loyalty and revenue.
  • Provide digital loyalty cards to reward frequent guests and incentivize return orders.

Anticipate guest needs

Understand and predict guest preferences, ensuring they're met with personalized options every time they interact with your brand.

  • Leverage guest history to recommend new dishes or upsells.
  • Use analytics to constantly refine and enhance personalized strategies.
  • Create a distinct brand experience that guests will associate with exceptional service.

Gather actionable feedback

Receive instant feedback to consistently refine your personalization efforts, ensuring you always meet your guests’ expectations.

  • Collect feedback post-order.
  • Analyze and act upon insights to keep improving your offerings.
  • Foster a continuous loop of refinement and excellence in your service.


Treat Every Guest like a VIP

Enhance the guest experience

Provide an unparalleled ordering experience tailored to your guests’ individual preferences.

Increase Guest Retention

Make guests feel truly valued, ensuring they choose your restaurant continuously.

Propel Efficiency and Speed

Use data to swiftly meet your guests’ needs.

Boost Revenues

Provide personalized recommendations that’ll drive higher order values and add-ons.

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