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unPLUG empowers restaurants to understand their guests to provide them with a meaningful experience that’ll resonate with them.

Run Intuitive Loyalty Programs

Create and manage loyalty programs that resonate with your guests and inspire repeat visits.

  • Tailor rewards to different guest preferences.
  • Enable digital point collection and redemption for ease of use.
  • Run special promotions and events exclusively for loyalty members.

Send Engaging Loyalty Communications

Keep your loyalty members engaged with regular, personalized communications, driving repeat business and higher spend.

  • Push customized offers and news delivered directly to members.
  • Give birthday and anniversary special promotions.
  • Offer exclusive access to new menu items or events.

Get In-Depth Loyalty Analytics

Track the success of your loyalty programs and continuously refine based on actionable insights.

  • Monitor key metrics like redemption rates and frequency of visits.
  • Understand the most coveted rewards and optimize accordingly.
  • Use feedback from loyalty members to enhance the overall dining experience.


Creating Emotional Currency

Deepen your relationship with your guests

Foster a sense of belonging and appreciation among your guests.

Increase Order Frequency

Capitalize on reward structures and incentivize repeat visits and higher spends.

Capture Data

Gather vital insights on ordering behaviors and preferences

Elevate Your Brand

Set yourself apart as a brand that truly values and rewards its guests.

Ready to see what your restaurant can achieve with unPLUG?

Find out how unPLUG can elevate your sales, enhance guest engagement, and revolutionize your restaurant's operations.