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About unPLUG

unPLUG's mission is to listen to and anticipate our customers' needs. Our customer's wish is our command. Everyday we strive to DELIGHT the customer.

Company Origin and Vision

At unPLUG we’re reimagining the digital experience for restaurants and their guests. We want to enable restaurants to always be at the frontier of technology without needing to devote additional resources to it. We’re creating an elevated experience that goes beyond discounts and offers and provides restaurants with ways to interact with their guests on an individual level. Using data—which is in our DNA—we help restaurants unify their tech stack, streamline their operations, and provide their guests with a unique experience that’ll increase their visit frequency

How we started

In 2020, unPLUG’s founders saw a gap in the digital dining experience. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic led to an influx in digital ordering, the experience was not great. This allowed the third-party marketplaces to take over the market, putting restaurants at a disadvantage.

Our founders recognized that restaurants were built to handle the brick-and-mortar experience. Their practices and workflows were crafted for operational procedures that facilitate a physical restaurant. Many of them are ill-prepared to operationally handle the shift to technology.

unPLUG was born to equip these restaurants to evolve their operating procedures into the digital age. We’re driven to help them transform the ways they work to create impactful digital businesses.

Colton Frank, unPLUG Dining Co-Founder and CEO

Colton Frank

Chief Executive Officer

Colton is a pure entrepreneur with extensive investing experience. He double majored in accounting and finance and started his career in investment banking. He leveraged those skills into Private Equity/Venture Capital, where he focused on transforming companies into scalable platforms. Colton is a CPA and CFA. His greatest asset is his ability to produce creative solutions to complex problems.

Ali Bolak

Chief Technology Officer

Ali has been at the frontier of using cutting edge technology to solve major real-life problems. He worked at Pensa Systems, an autonomous drone company that uses computer vision to provide inventory visibility to retail companies. Before Pensa, Ali worked at the British fintech app Invstr and Boston based Wasabi Technologies. He excels at building scalable, cloud native infrastructure and has extensive experience building machine learning pipelines.

Any questions?

We're here to help, however, we can. Feel free to reach out via the contact form or email below.

Chicago, Illinois