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About unPLUG

unPLUG's mission is to listen to and anticipate our customers' needs. Our customer's wish is our command. Everyday we strive to DELIGHT the customer.

What We Stand For


unPLUG is an omnichannel provider of next-generation digital storefront solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


unPLUG is a forward-thinking company that sits at the intersection of AI/ML, web3, and VR/Metaverse.


unPLUG gives its customers assurance they will be taken care of now and forever. They can be certain they always have the most advanced technology to hit the market

Key Benefits For Restaurants

Boost revenue, increase efficiency, automate redundant and manual tasks, and enhance engagement with guests

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Improved Ordering Process

Interactive and dynamic digital menus that enable diners to order anytime and anywhere.

Enhanced Guest Experience

• Fully digital, device-agnostic ordering for dine-in, take-out, and delivery.
• Best-in-class UX/UI providing a consistent, branded experience through any channel.

Personalized Experience

Data driven solutions incorporating guest data to individually curate a personalized experience for every guest.

Ownership of Guest Data

Marketplaces own your guest data and hold it hostage. We are flipping the script and giving ownership back to restaurants.

Omnichannel Ecosystem

unPLUG is the unrivaled, holistic omnichannel ecosystem, providing restaurants with an all-encompassing proprietary SaaS solution reaching from device-agnostic self-ordering and payment to dispatching, delivery, and guest engagement with seamless integration of system relevant 3rd party services.

3rd Party Integrations through API

unPLUG compliments your existing tech stack, which allows for seamless deployment on a global basis.

Order Throttling & Dynamic Pricing

Optimize and automate order flow through by leveraging unPLUG's ancillary solution build on the foundation of data science.

Pick Up, Delivery & Dispatch

Consistent, branded customer journey regardless of if an order is placed in person, for pickup, or delivery.

Customer-branded Ordering Apps

Customizable, white-label ordering Apps for a variety of devices (mobile and web).

Customer-branded Online Ordering

To enhance guest interaction, unPLUG offers customizable template-based website builder.

In-Person Dining

unPLUG's virtual waiter and table mapping allow restaurants to increase AOV and decrease labor overhead.

Our Story

Colton Frank and Ali Bolak, unPLUG Dining's founders, stand in an office in front of a Chicago backdrop

How we started

Co-founders, Colton and Ali, share a common background working with companies that provide next-gen software to foodservice and retail operators. Ali grew up surrounded by entanglements to the food service industry. Colton was always captivated by the role restaurants have in the world - a place where people come together and momentarily escape their busy lives.

Ali and Colton witnessed firsthand the benefits technology provided other foodservice industries, so when COVID flipped the hospitality industry upside down, unPLUG was born.

Colton Frank, unPLUG Dining Co-Founder and CEO

Colton Frank

Chief Executive Officer

Colton is a pure entrepreneur with extensive investing experience. He double majored in accounting and finance and started his career in investment banking. He leveraged those skills into Private Equity/Venture Capital, where he focused on transforming companies into scalable platforms. Colton is a CPA and CFA. His greatest asset is his ability to produce creative solutions to complex problems.

Ali Bolak

Chief Technology Officer

Ali has been at the frontier of using cutting edge technology to solve major real-life problems. He worked at Pensa Systems, an autonomous drone company that uses computer vision to provide inventory visibility to retail companies. Before Pensa, Ali worked at the British fintech app Invstr and Boston based Wasabi Technologies. He excels at building scalable, cloud native infrastructure and has extensive experience building machine learning pipelines.

Any questions?

We're here to help, however, we can. Feel free to reach out via the contact form or email below.

Chicago, Illinois