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Digital Ordering

unPLUG makes it easy for you to maximize revenue and elevate your brand with our best-in-class digital ordering solution.

Optimize sales across every channel

Embrace an omnichannel strategy incorporating web, mobile, and QR code ordering. Surpass your revenue aspirations irrespective of your guests' ordering preference.

Elevate the guest experience and upsell effectively

Boost your average order value with strategic add-ons, combination offers, and cross-selling opportunities.

Get in-depth guest insights

Harness the power of guest data to drive decision-making, tailoring each interaction to maximize revenue and satisfaction.


Elevating The Guest Experience

Borderless Expansion of Brand

With digital ordering, restaurants can reach a larger audience. Many customers prefer the convenience of placing orders from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Increase Profitability & Unit Economics

A Digital Ordering platform designed to increase loyalty account, increase order frequency and drive higher average check sizes, all of which contribute to more profitable restaurant locations.

Upselling Opportunities

Digital ordering designed to suggest add-ons, special deals, or complementary items, increasing the average order value.

Data Collection and Analytics

Collect valuable customer data, such as order history and preferences. This information can be used to personalize marketing efforts, improve menu offerings, and make informed business decisions.

Ready for a best-in-class digital ordering solution?

Learn how unPLUG can help you maximize revenue and elevate your brand with our digital ordering solution.