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Dining Assistant

Delight your guests with AI-driven personalized menu recommendations that take their tastes, dietary restrictions, ordering history, and lifestyle choices into consideration.

Get ahead of trends by using AI to transform how your guests interact with your brand

Today’s diners are used to personalization in every aspect of their lives–from the online retailers they frequent to the digital music services they use–so it should come as no surprise that they’d want to feel connected to the restaurants they spend their money on. unPLUG harnesses the power of AI and data to provide personalized menu options that’ll help your guests feel more connected to your brand.

Reduce decision fatigue with AI-driven recommendations

Provide guests with item recommendations that fit their tastes and dietary needs so that they can choose what they want quickly, thereby reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment. Our AI-driven recommendation engine uses both historical and real-time data to make it easy for guests to submit an order.

Provide allergen and dietary customization to earn guest trust

Empower guests with specific allergy and dietary restrictions to make choices that they can feel confident about by enabling them to filter menu options based on their dietary needs. From keto to nut-free to vegan, our customization features will help you earn guest trust and so that they continue to want to order from you.

Offer guests a personalized experience that’ll drive loyalty

Connect unPLUG to your loyalty program through our seamless integrations to provide personalized discounts and offers based on guest data. unPLUG’s personalization engine enables you to foster guest engagement by showing your guests that you value them and their continued patronage.


We also support

Automated Upselling

Experience best-in-class upselling with unPLUG's item association AI/ML models.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Our digital wallet capabilities provide an intuitive, effortless checkout experience.

Dynamic Menus

Our Dining Assistant generates individually-curated menus for each guest.

Minimal-Click Ordering Experience

No more inefficient ordering processes. We'll get you from start to finish in just a few clicks.

Recommendation Engine

Our platform makes recommendations based on order history, dietary preferences and more.

Order Throttling

Automated order throttling optimizes your operations as well as guest satisfaction by providing accurate prep time.

Ready to exceed your guests expectations?

Learn how we can help you grow you leverage your guest data to provide them with a delightful ordering experience