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A lightweight ordering & engagement platform

Both easy to operate & drives revenue by enriching the brand’s connection with guests.

Trusted by leading restaurants

Digital Storefront

Boost online sales, enhance the guest experience, and optimize operations with a digital storefront tailored for your restaurant.

Dining Assistant

Impress your guests with tailored menu suggestions driven by AI, carefully crafted to cater to their unique tastes, dietary needs, past orders, and lifestyle preferences.

Content & Campaign Management System

Efficiently manage campaigns, engage with customers, and track ROI using a platform attuned to your requirements, turning ordinary touchpoints into unforgettable brand experiences.

Advanced Analytics

Utilize data-driven insights for informed decision-making. Enhance operational efficiency by identifying and optimizing areas for increased profitability. Proactively address potential issues to guarantee smooth service and guest satisfaction.

A Unified Digital Offering

Here’s the 6 step plan:

Custom Branded Design

We work with you to design a customized branded first-party ordering system.

Data Driven Strategy

We set up a management analytics dashboard and provide dynamic menus.


We integrate with your point of sale system to streamline your operations.

Loyalty & Rewards

We work with you to build out your loyalty and rewards system .

Guest Lifecycle Optimization

Delivery dispatch, gift cards, customer lifecycle management, and customer support.

White-Glove Service

This is a partnership, not a toolbox you buy off the shelf. We are committed to your success.


Effortlessly incorporate unPLUG into your existing suite of restaurant tools, spanning from point-of-sale systems to marketing platforms and beyond.


Ready to see what your restaurant can achieve with unPLUG?

Find out how unPLUG can elevate your sales, enhance guest engagement, and revolutionize your restaurant's operations.