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Off-Premise Solutions

Take back control of your restaurant's pickup and delivery experience. No more absorbent fees from marketplaces and aggregators.

unPLUG Orders page on a desktop and app

A Full Plate of Benefits

Redirect traffic to your own first-party ordering platform, allowing you to optimize order flow, maximize profits and collect guest data.

Collect Guest Data

Grow your customer database with data collected as guests open tabs.

Increase Revenue

Personalized recommendations help achieve a 20-40% increase in AOV.

Eliminate Third Party Fees

Stop paying 20-30% in transaction fees to third-party marketplaces.

Novel Enhancements

unPLUG’s data-driven solutions continuously work together to optimize menus, improve efficiencies and maximize profits.


Dining Asisstant

The Personal Dining Assistant factors in data from order throttling and dynamic pricing to offer a best-in-class guest experience.


Order Throttling

Automated order throttling optimizes restaurant operations, as well as customer satisfaction, by providing accurate prep and delivery times


Dynamic Pricing

Menus items are dynamically-adjusted based on order flow, sales trends, capacity constraints and inventory levels.

Next-Gen Features

Dynamic Menus

unPLUG generates individually-curated menus for each diner and their ever-changing needs.

Personal Dining Assistant

We've created the world's smartest waiter and put it in the palm of every diner's hand.

Recommendation Engine

Our platform makes recommendations based on order history, dietary preferences and more.

Collect Guest Data

Grow your customer database with data collected as guests open tabs.

Automated Upselling

Experience best-in-class upselling with unPLUG item association AI/ML models.

Minimal-Click Ordering Experience

Our assisted ordering platform will get you from start to finish in just a few clicks.

Your Business, Your Brand


unPLUG offers a customer experience that parallels that of larger marketplaces and, at the same time, eliminates the hefty fees.


Own your brand from first glance to final drop-off. With our custom online menus, your brand voice travels right to your customers.

Any questions?

We're here to help, however, we can. Feel free to reach out via the contact form or email below.

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